A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.
Irish proverb  (via perfect)

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letsgetcrazy-life the sixth Picture , that will be me , in a couple of weeks when you’re here ahahahahah

jessicacesar21 you mean the fifth? Ahahaha
letsgetcrazy-life OH Fuck yeah the fifth sorry you know math is not really my thang ahahhahahahah oh gosh I know you will make fun of me because of the that the whole day !!

Ahahahah yeah I know that you and maths aren’t really in good terms… 😂😂 and no I won’t cause I’m nice 😇 (or at least I’ve been bitchy enough for today.. Ahahah ❤️)

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Aww god I want a relationship like that 👌

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Anonyme asked:
crushin on jessicacesar21?

Why are you so fucking obsessed with her? Would you fuck your bro? Cause I would not lmao
My crush prob doesn’t even know I like her that much and for some reasons I can not make it public but I will the day when I can call her my gf 😉